Welcome to SRC Research
The Specialist for Financial and Real Estate Stocks

SRC Research offers a professional and in-depth Equity Research Service to professional Investors. An equity research that is independent from bank's interests without any connection to a bank.

We have our focus on Financial and Real Estate Stocks mostly from our home region Germany and Austria.

The people from SRC Research believe in a premium equity research and real independency due to the ever exisiting interest conflicts when research is supported or done directly thru banks. In particular there is an interest conflict between equity sales and equity research in general.

We are the first independent and specialised analysts house for Financial and Real Estate stocks and offer thru our work a support for information search and help to develop an opinion for a stock.

For all companies, that do not belong to our coverage list, we would also like to offer our broad experience in Asset Management, Equity Research and Investor Relations. In addition we provide consulting services connected to investor relations and all general company communication issues. Come to us if you need any assistance here.

With kind regards

Stefan Scharff
Managing Partner


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